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Tyler Bowman

The Melbourne Dodgeball League was founded in 2011 by Tyler Bowman (Owner of the Victorian Dodgeball League & Australian Dodgeball Federation Board Member).  


Originally an avid Dodgeballer from Canada, Tyler has been playing for 20 years.  His passion for the sport has led him to establish what is now the largest Dodgeball league in Australia.

"Dodgeball is more than just a sport. It's a great way to meet new friends, keep fit & have fun, listen to music and be part of a growing community that all skill levels can join"



It can be a lot to take in, let us help!

  • What Is Dodgeball?!
    Dodgeball is one of the fastest growing alternative sports in the world. Due to its popularity in recent years, we have seen countries from around the globe competing annually. Similar to the movie or the schoolyard game we all remember playing… Dodgeball has evolved into the perfect blend of fun & competitiveness. This is a great sport for players of all experience levels! Using 6 international no-sting standard foam balls, 2 teams of 6 players on a side face off through a series of hits, throws, ducks, dodges & catches to eliminate the opposing team. Read our OFFICIAL RULES
  • Why is There a Free Trial Game?
    MDL offers free trial games for all new teams & individual players. We understand that Dodgeball is not for everyone... but we want you to "try it before you buy!" We require teams to commit to a full season... but before you make that commitment we will organise a free trial match for you. After your free trial game you can then decide whether you will register for one of our official seasons. To organise your free trial... simply register online and our friendly staff will do the rest!
  • How Many Players on a Team?
    For our Mixed Leagues... Teams are generally made up of 6-10 players. There are 6 players on the court during matches. Dodgeball is a primarily a mixed social sport. Therefor a minimum of 2 FEMALES are required per team. Our 3 vs. 3 League (Box Hill - Thursday) requires teams of 3-4 players. 3 players are on court during matches. This is a mens & womens competition.
  • How Long Do Games & Seasons Run?
    Games are played once a week and are 50 minutes in length. Dodgeball seasons run for 14-18 weeks depending on the amount of teams registered. MDL requires regular attendance from teams each week.
  • What Are Your Age Limits?
    Our leagues are best suited for players 16 years and older. If you are under 16 and believe you have what it takes to compete in our adult league, please have your legal guardian register on your behalf. Please register your interest with us!
  • What Costs Are Involved?
    NO REGISTRATION FEES!!! NO EQUIPMENT COSTS!!! Team fees are $85 per 50-minute game (Avg. $12-$15 per player) There is a $170 team bond (this is not per player) required once your team commits to a full season. Bond is used to cover any potential forfeits that may occur throughout the season. One $85 payment will be deducted from your bond per forfeit. Any or all remaining bond will be returned to each team at the end of the season.
  • Do You Offer Parties & Corporate Events?
    Yes! We pride ourselves in providing a fun, safe and social environment for all ages. Groups will be able to experience the new craze sweeping across Melbourne that is Dodgeball, in what is guaranteed to be a great experience had by all. Melbourne Dodgeball is fully insured & all instructors have First Aid/CPR training. We are able to cater for Birthday Parties, Bucks/Hens Parties & Corporate Team Building Events. We will provide you an exceptional service, tailor-made for your special event. Extra Options Available: Inclusive Group Catering Options Please contact us via phone or email to discuss your options!
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